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Paul Mengert Believes That Community Members Should Be Kept Informed

June 17, 2023
Volunteers are the people that keep a community association running smoothly. They are the cogs in the machine that, however small a job, keep everything moving gracefully. Virtually any community association will collapse without those integral volunteers. Indeed, often the individuals who sit on the Board of Directors for an association and essentially keep it running are doing so on a volunteer basis. Paul Mengert has seen how much a community association depends upon its volunteers and knows that they fill a major role. Paul Mengert's work as President of Association Management Group has shown him that volunteers are the backbone, brain, and heart of community associations.

Paul Mengert is a strong believer that members of the community should be kept informed about as many of the decisions as possible. This prevents people from feeling cheated or lied to and it keeps the Board from making poor decisions without first seeking a good deal of input from members. But, it is important to remember that Board members are usually volunteers and are devoting their own time to running the community.
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